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TI2000-308 3kW Inverter System

TI2000-308 3kW Inverter System

A Tesla™ Power Inverter System is an advanced piece of equipment and an ideal method of converting 20-30 dc voltage to pure usable 120/240 ac voltage. The TI2000-308 is a Pure Sine Wave Inverter System. This system can be used in a tactical or non-tactical environment giving the user the needed flexibility to operate ac components (with approved connectors) like laptop computers, test measurement and diagnostic equipment, additional lighting, or any other item that requires ac voltage. This unit is man-portable, maintenance free, and can be operated from any 20-30 dc voltage power sources. Designed for military applications it is easily transported and is invaluable for times when ac power is required in a field environment.

  • 3 kW 120 Vac 60 Hz Pure Sine Wave ac inverter.
  • Hardwired 15’ DC NATO Cable Assembly.
  • Hardwired 25’ AC Cord with Plug (2713).
  • Output Power Status LED Indicator provides a way for the user to visually see the applied ac load that the TI2000-308 3 kW Inverter System is providing.
  • DC Input Voltage LED Indicator provides a way for the user to visually see the voltage that the TI2000-308 3kW Inverter System is receiving.
  • Alarm LED Indicators alert the user of over-voltages (dc), under-voltages (dc), over-temperatures, and overloads (ac).

TI2000-308 3kW Inverter System Specifications

AC Output: Provides Single Phase 120/240 Vac (+/- 5%), 60 Hz
25 amps @ 120 Vac 60 Hz
12.5 amps @ 240 Vac 60 Hz
DC Input: 250 amps max
20-30 Vdc
3 kW AC Inverter: 120 Vac 60 Hz Pure Sine Wave (+/- .05%)
25 amps surge
12.5 amps continuous power
<2% THD
Minimum Unit Efficiency: 85%
Dimensions: 36.33" long x 11.57" wide x 18.40" high
922.7 mm x 293.9 mm x 467.4 mm
Weight: 106.5 lbs (48.3 kg)
169.5 lbs (76.8 kg) with optional Transportation Case
Warranty: 2 Years (3 Year Optional)