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TI3100A Digital Volt/Amp Meter (DVAM)

TI3100A Digital Volt/Amp Meter

The Tesla™ Digital Volt/Amp Meter (DVAM) comes complete with the DVAM box and a power cord TI3100A-0010.

  • The High DC Power Measuring Solution - The DVAM 3100A provides measurements for all voltage ranges and amperage draws between zero and 2,000. This is the only effective meter for high power troubleshooting. We built this system because there was nothing else available on the market to measure high level currents.
  • The Ideal Diagnostics Solution - The DVAM 3100A indicates the aircraft or mechanized vehicle’s current demand. Integrated with a Tesla™ GPU for power, the DVAM is a valuable troubleshooting tool. Never before has it been so easy to isolate faults.
  • Simple and Easy to Use - Depending on the unit, the DVAM can either be plugged
    directly into the unit or plugged into the DC Interface Box Cable Assembly. The left meter indicates dc voltage output and the right meter indicates amperage draw. The meter’s range changes from 0-200 amps to 0-2,000 amps with the flip of a switch. The 200 amp setting provides a more detailed reading extending to two decimal places.

For units other then the TI4400 and TI5400 series, a TI3100A-00156 Aviation or TI3100A-00157 NATO cable will be needed to use the DVAM. Contact Tesla™ Customer Service for more information on pricing and options at (302) 324-8910.