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Tesla™ Cobra™ Connectors

Tesla™ Cobra™ Connectors are constructed from rugged combinations of advanced composite materials and corrosion resistant alloys. The result is weatherproof connectors that will withstand battlefield conditions and extreme environments. Along with highly conductive contact materials, Cobra™ Connectors feature virtually indestructible designs and fast "in-the-field" component replacement to make them the last connectors you will ever need.

Tesla™ Connectors are warranted for 2 years. Our Customer Service Team is always available to assist you in answering any questions or getting necessary replacement parts and tools for your connectors.

Cobra Connectors
New  & Improved NATO Plug

Additional Features on NATO Plugs!

Our NATO plugs positive post has a tip on the end to prevent arcing. An O-ring and hex allows for easy removal and installation of the post with a 3/4” deep well socket.

New  & Improved Aviation Plug

Additional Features on Aviation Plugs!

On the Aviation plugs has a replaceable nose. Customers can now easily replace the nose with a standard hex key.

PLEASE NOTE: To download the PDF's for previous models please choose "original" version.

Weatherproof Construction

Through a series of strategically placed seals and bushings, our plugs are hermetically sealed to lock out rain, snow, sand and other harmful debris.

Internal Cable Connections

Unlike plugs with cables that are molded directly to the housing, easily accessible lugs allow for direct termination inside of the plug. Additionally, compression grommets and bushings provide strain relief. This unique combination of protection eliminates dangerous shocks from exposed wiring due to cable stretching and splicing.

Rugged, Durable, Reliable

Made from virtually indestructible composite materials, the plug housing won’t crack, melt, blister, dry-rot or disintegrate. This, in conjunction with corrosion resistant conductors, insures that the Tesla™ Compact NATO Plug will still be in the field long after other plugs have failed.

Replaceable Contacts

Manufactured from highly conductive alloys, the negative contact is specially tapered and has memory to maximize contact surface area and to minimize deformity over time. Once installed, contacts are hermetically sealed within the plug.

Insertion/Extraction Tool

Our Connectors can be easily repaired by replacing the contacts using the Insertion/Extraction Tool. The tool and replacement contacts can be ordered through Tesla™ Customer Service at (302) 324-8910.

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  • Rated to 3000 peak amps
  • Clamped cable connections
  • UV, fuel, fungus, oil and water resistant
  • Easy component replacement
  • Manufactured by Tesla™
  • Exceeds MIL-STD-810
  • Tested to withstand 50 G of force
  • 2 Year Warranty

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